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Preface of autthor to compositions content

      In past and in particular in my early childhood I was influenced by very strong religious, mystic, later by scientific-materialistic even atheistic influences. I am very interested in current elementary physics, astrophysics, biology etc. In last decades, it is less and les acceptable for me, different interpretation of the world divided into theistic and atheistic, into mystic and materialistic, physical and supra-physical etc.
      I am more and more convinced, that the world is united and his decomposition mentioned above is only consequence of insufficiency evolutional stage of our consciousness, spirit, (brain).
I struggle progressively come to united conception of the whole world. 
Because these ideas couldn’t be published neither in science fiction nor in fiction, I decided (likewise as Wagner) to musicalize them.
      At the beginning I went out from maybe the biggest biblical mystery for me - by analyzing text from miscellaneous aspects - it is coming out definitely that described events (particularly escape from Egypt as well as New Testament) really happened (together with all paranormal phenomenons!!!), but on the other hand there are missing any other historic-archaeological documents (apart from Bible), confirming described events. Id est.: Bible is a chronicle, document, but it is also total fiction (forgery). It is insolvable contradiction. Quadrature of the circle.
      By using often cited logic of Conan Doyle (“If you throw away everything what is impossible, although however unbelievable, what remains is the truth") only answer is as fallows: Ramzes, Pontius Pilate, Kaifas, Herodes, etc. strictly concealed (disposed of) documents counting events described in Bible, because they were as shocking and revolutionary that they threatened to totally disorganize at that time social system. There is an explanation that mankind met higher entities, who are million of years before us. It is pity that complete texts are only in Hungarian language. I would like to appeal to potential sponsors, translators for help – because in the nearest time I will not have enough money for translation approximately 200 - 300 pages to English. (This preface mainly refers to cycle Ramzes Pilatus Rebus)

Shortened content of The Little Prince (only in points):     

- Introduction, encounter with little prince, sketched lambkins (0-2.min.)
- Origin of the prince from universe, his sadness, he talks about flower, which he grows in the garden on his planet (cca 3.-5 min.)
- Pilot belittles flower (cca.6-7.min.)
- The little prince declares exceeding love to his flower (cca. 8 min.)
- He talks a story – travelling around six planets (King, Fop, Drunkard, businessman, Lamplighter, Librarian-Map man)(cca. 9-10 min.)
- Encounter with a fox and its domestication - "all substantial we can see only by heart"(cca 11.-12 min.)
- Searching for a well, drinking from the well (cca 13-14 min.)
- Farewell to lithe prince and his return to natal planet (cca15 -16 min.)
- Closing song of laughing and happiness (16-17 min.)

David in the bubble – content in points:

- The parents Wetter beyond all expectation decide to give birth to child passacaglia variation No 1+2+3+4)
- David was born with syndrome of lack effective immune system (SCYd). Divide is moved to protective plastic bubble (var.5)
- He grows up as vital, intelligent boy, but shortly stabs bubble with the pin. (var.6) He has been explained, that microbes are small, very harmful creatures (var.7).
- Appointment with woman psychologist, he enjoys it (var.8+9)
- Woman psychologist explains what is a wind, leaves of the tree etc. (var.10)
- Made up travelling through universe (var.11)
- Space suit (var.12+13)- David plays with a dog, water outdoors on courtyard, but gradually he is becoming afraid of the outside environment.
- Lethargy (var.14+15) – depression (var.16)- fearsome (var.17+18) night mares - microbes as huge monsters with gigantic invincible king – demonic monsters (var.19), hellish country.
- Operation (var.20) – receiving of bone marrow from little sister.
- David (var.21+22) is absorbed by terrible, gradually developed cancer and haemorrhage (internal bleeding).
- Finally (var.23) he is released from bubble – he is terminally ill but without bubble. He enjoys everything, particularly (var.24) glistering dust grains in the sunshine, which accompany him and finally they quasi “transform” to celestial entities - "little angels".
- David (var.25) dies for his neighbourhood. But he lives through, (var.26) levitates first in the hospital room, later slowly (var.27), finally, after lifelong confinedness in bubble, flies outside through corridor (var.28), more and more quickly (var.29) through marvellous, imaginary country, then (var30.) through giant "tunnel", where “demonic monsters” try to capture him – until finally (var.31=fugue) he finds himself among "extra-terrestrial" entities - quasi "little angels", who (maybe once upon a time) have been human beings as we are presently, but they are million of years before us nowadays.     

Voyage par un bateau ivre (Voyaging by drunk boat)
(homage a Rimbaud, Gaugogen, Boulez)
(for enlarged symphonic orchestra, 2 solo flutes and IRCAM)
(1981 - 1990)

N I.  Agitant - enthousiaste "rencontre avec le mer..." (Encounter with the see) Intermezzo
1. Etincelle - enfantine “Le jeu d'enfants dans la côte” (Children´s play on the seashore) Intermezzo
2. Joweux - enfantine, Intermezzo 3, Intermezzo 4 “Psaume en mémoire des animaux mort dans l'atoll de Bikini en l'explosion de bombe a hydrogene” (Psalm in commemorate of died animals on Bikini atoll at explosion of hydrogen bomb) N II.  Plaissament - insouciance "... Le jeu d'enfants en ondes..." (Children´s play in waves)
N III. Secret - mysteriusement - grandiouse ("Dans l'île de Solentiname") (On the island of Solentiname)
N IV. Agitant - desirant (...Improvisations de Tadžínov 1. ...) (Tadžínov´s improvisations 1)
N V.  Desirant - mysterieusement (...Improvisations de Tadžínov 2....) (Tadžínov´s improvisations 2)
N VI. Le danse - cachet “Les bacchanales” (Bacchanalia)
N VII. Amoureusement ("...D'apres-midi dans l'île de Cythera...") (In the afternoon on the island of Cythera)
N VIII. Orageux - tres obscurement ("...Le typhon du millénaire...") (Typhoon of millennium)
N IX. Tres amouresemant - importance - tres erotique ("...Le tomber dans l'île de Cythera...") (Early in the evening on the island of Cythera)
N X. Orageux - tres obscurement ("...Le typhon du décennie...") (Typhoon of decade) atacca
N XI. Tres enthousiaste - extatique - agitant - le plus grand plaisir ("...Le cri perpétuel de Tadzu du mer...") (Never-ending calling of Tadzu from the see)

Harry Potter - shortened content of scenario

Act 1A: Opening sequence of novel of Harry Potter 1.
Woldemor kills parents of Harry Potter, but Harry as a little boy wards off Woldemor.
It fallows a festive singing of McGonald.
(2. sequence:) Harry Potter is bullied at school as well as at home. When he is alone sings song expressing precariousness but also herald of happy future.
(3. sequence:) Flood of letters, escape to island, storm, - arrival of Hagrid, who takes away Harry Potter.
Act 1B:
(4. sequence:) Scene in clandestine shop with magic tools. Harry Potter tries specific tools.
Act 1C:
5. sequence:) Journey by train and arrival to Rockfort. Mc Gonalg welcomes new students.
Act 1D:
(6. sequence:) Song of Rockfort´s hat.
Act 1E: Students including Harry Potter try the hat.
Act 1F: Royal dinner.
Act 1G: Poem.
Act 1H:
The girls of Omen’s type sing fearful song about forbidden forest.
(7. sequence:) Closing song about celebration of ambiguity and paranormal abilities, about transition between parallel worlds.
II Act:
Act 2A+B: (1.scéna:) Hermoine is attacked by troll, Harry Potter rescues her.
Act 2C: (2. scéna) At night Harry Potter and Hermoine unwittingly expess   love each other.
Act 2D: (3. sequence:) Trial of broomball.
Act 2E: (4. sequence:) Match of broomball.
Act 2F: (5. sequence:) Excursion to forbidden forest.
Act 2G: (10. sequence:) Mysterious intermezzo. (Note: There is used composition of my student Jakub Nemec)
Act 2H: 16: (6. sequence:) Scene with mirror, Harry Potter sees in the mirror deceptive portrait of his mother, expresses love to her, but portrait disappears.
Act 2I: (7. sequence:) Christmas party - miraculous little train.
Act 2J: (8. sequence:) Next match of broomball - Harry Potter excels.
Act 2K: (9. sequence:) Disco party after match.
Act 2L: (11. sequence:) Excursion to the see.
Act 2M: (12. sequence:) Closing scene – farewell with s Harry Potter before vacation.                                                                                                                                                       
Julia’s Poltergeist - shortened content:

Julia-a: (1. sequence:) Julia (Magitay-Valentay), former passenger of some plane of 11.IX. 2001, finds herself in other dimension, in the darkness, where he roams. She meets medicine-woman, who tries to help her.
Julia-b: (2. sequence:) Meeting and entertainment of the group of "bad" conspirators (from all around the world, led by super hidden group (CIA), who contrived terrorist actions and intend gain control of all around the world.
Julia-c: (3. sequence:) Julia wanders through space-time layers and gets to America of 18. century, where she finds girlfriends, who will help her to fight evil.
Julia-d: (4. sequence:) Signing of Indian medicine-woman.
Jula-e: (5. sequence:) There is a group of “bad” conspirators again. They as well as Omen´s girl invite Julia to join them for ever.
Julia-f: (6. sequence:) Scene on the court of Dzingischan, who plans to unite  religions as well as people in never-ending peace.
Julia-g: (7. sequence:) There is a group of “bad” conspirators again. They seduce Julia again.
Julia-h+i+j: (8. sequence:) On Pacific island.
Julia-k: (9. sequence:) There is a group of conspirators again.
Julia-l: (10. sequence:) In the year 1835 in Zazriva, Mala Fatra, where composer Viktor von Gesichtchenstein composes his world anthem for children as well as World anthem, but he goes badly. (From afar it is heard Terchova’s music.)
Julia-m: (11. sequence:) VvG falls asleep in the evening and early morning Eva Pick, who died in Oswietčim in 1943 appears in the dream and gives him texts of songs of prospective children’s anthem.
Jula-n: (12. sequence:) Gorgeous morning – children sing glorification of victory over evil, then go to Auschwitz, where defeat demonic ghost of dr. Mengele, who held captive martyred children’s spirits. Children are released and all sing children’s anthem by VvG. Then they sing the world anthem.
Julia-o : All sing the world anthem and anthem of 6. sequence about uniting of mankind and eternal peace.

(Ramzes-Pilatus-rebus I.) – Short content of 1-st opera

      The scientists oriented engaged couple Peter and Eve struggle find a trace of the biggest biblical mystery: on one hand - by analyzing text (exact document, chronicle) described events (particularly escape from Egypt as well as life of Jesus) really must happened but on the other hand there are missing any other historic-archaeological evidences, id est. as though whole story was only made up. Only logical explanation is offered: everything was very strictly restricted by Ramzes, Pontius Pilate, Kaifas, Herodes etc., because they were afraid of really existing persons and of their ideologies (Moses, Jesus) as well as events that really happened together with supernatural ones, which could totally disorganize at that time society.       
      Peter finds out that somewhere in underground there is hidden safe – guarded by super-secret and very dangerous organisations created by CIA and NASA, etc. – where the original biblical texts of Bible events and schools of thought are deposited. Through very dangerous adventures "a la Indiana Jones" – they finally get to hidden safe. As they find out step by step, whole mechanism was created by higher entities (so-called "extra-terrestrials") and which is bale to transmit participants literally to actual swirl events, but at the same time a they remain only as observers. Those "apparatus", as well as other ones during further instalments of the whole "opera’s saga" are available and function only for ethically, morally “virgin spirits”, free of basic seven deadly sins.
      Since Eve and Peter are immune of envy, malice, lie, etc. – they can experience again real events from the past.
During whole monitoring they gradually find out that universe is united i.e. segregation of the world, its world-views onto theistic and atheistic, natural and supernatural, normal and paranormal is mistaken and it is only consequence of lower spirituality-rational capacities of human senses and understanding of homo-sapiens-sapiens. In a simplified way doesn’t exist duality of substance and mind – on the higher level (for us inaccessible level of understanding until now) of the world integrity, where substance is in fact a “spiritual” one as well as spirit is "material".
      Universe is mach richer that we are able to imagine and perceive. Universe, more exactly all around the world is full of natural connections (for us imperceptible and unimagined until now).
However sometimes those (for us imperceptible and conceptually inexpressible) dimensions, properties of whole world ("substance") penetrate to our areas of perception, in such a case being at a loss for more accurate and more fitting word - we call them "paranormal" phenomenons.
      A man is only intermediate in evolution on the Earth and in other worlds in the Universe. If world develops in the course of time in respect of spirituality, morality, ethics, and conscience, it will gradually comes to higher stage of "evolution" (as human beings came to before us on many parts of the Universe) to higher stage - to stage of homo moralis et technicus universalis (he uses also so-called equipment in symbiosis with his own spiritual "energy" – on such level, which homo sapiens-sapiens cannot imagine at all.
      Finally homo spiritus angelus (he is unknown for our senses as well as for our equipments and he operates wit Universe only by spiritual "energy"). Obviously if a man isn’t completely free of his deadly sins he can “fall out” of evolution and he will become homo spiritus cadens – it is something like “heinous criminal” in our present society, remote, roaming through the forest and more and more approaching to animal status. From time to time he struggles to brake his “downfall”, he catches hold of human inner and gets to destructive symbiosis with human entity.
      Peter and Eva by monitoring device in the safe, progressively watch real story of different events. They find out that for example the Ten Commandments had been initially general truth of Universe, which have been very simplified and rendered to level of at that time ability of human understanding. The same is valid also for teaching of Jesus Christ, who becomes even from higher level than homo spiritus – directly from something universal, what we human beings cannot understand, and we call him as intelligent universal designer "God" etc.

Ramzes-Pilatus-rebus II.
Gospel of Maria Magdalena
(Internet Fantasy Melodramatic opera)

      Peter and Eve are again at home and they find out that there is one more hidden safe, where documents are deposited by ("holographical"- vital way from Gospel of Maria Magdalena.
They progressively get into safe, where experience whole stoty again by using devices, which archaeologists found in previous instalments and which work only for them. Jesus carries out many "miracles" – but he always explains that everything is available also for people (if they reach higher stage of moral and spiritual development) what issues from higher level of understanding of Universe. He often explains unity of the world on such level, which is understandable also for contemporary people.
      Maria Magdalena - initially in symbiosis ("obsessed") by falling homo spiritus, from whose Jesus Christ separates her- becomes the most faithful disciple of Jesus.
As a result of her deep love to Jesus she becomes pregnant.
In the 3. Act Peter and Eve are at home again, but immediately after “they are visited” by higher entities, who announce them that because they are also  human beings, but free of basic sins – they are able to connect advantages of homo sapiens-sapiens with abilities of higher entities, therefore Peter and Eve should help them. By mistake Peter and Eve released from safe very bad entity - homo spiritus falling – who came back two thousand year into history to make impossible Jesus’ mission. He wants to accomplish a failure of Jesus’ resurrection to keep him in underworld for ever.
      Simultaneously he creates so-called super-cyclone, which has to destroy all the world. Peter and Eve are elevated to some "town", outside of our time and space. Finally together by help of experienced immense love they defeat "demon".

Ramzes-Pilatus-rebus III.
Gospel of Jesus’ children

      Peter and Eve are at home again, where higher entities visit them. This time falling homo spiritus wants to make impossible worldwide expansion of new movement of love - Christianity. He is in terrible symbiosis with Caesar Caligula, who stoles one boy of the twins of Jesus’ children. At the same time he wants to destroy all Europe by super volcanic explosion. Young couple with the help of higher entities thwarts it and returns a boy to keeping of old teacher who cares about upbringing of Jesus’ children.
      Falling "angel" in revenge creates even more frightening tropical cyclone and raises it in front of the boat on which old teacher voyages with Jesus’ children to Avalon island. At he eleventh hour the higher entities intervene.
Old man dies, children are 15 years old now and suddenly holy love rises between them, girl is quick with child by twins to found genealogy of Jesus, who has to expand during thousands of years into whole humankind. Only reason for it is to upraise mankind on higher existential and moral level. But infuriated falling "demon" continues to threaten, therefore Peter and Eve come back to past times to their childhood in order to become clean childish "angelic" souls to help mankind.
      Finally spirit of Karol Wojtyla on holy hill in Tatras helps them on Giewonte and afterward appears a silhouette of Jesus Christ. By ardent feeling of amazing love Peter and Eve defeat felled entity, which rips open and imprisoned original angelic beings fly out of it to gain freedom again.

Ramzes-Pilatus-rebus IV.
Suffering and salvation of Dr. baron von Frankenstein

      Our well known young couple visited Frankenstein museum, where they found out to their grate surprise that old man, sitting alone in the background, is some 200 years old Frankenstein. They turn to him and he tells them real story that inspired Mary Schelley to write a novel.
As a young man Frankenstein was visited by higher but dark, falling entities who gave him devices, which mankind wasn't ready to use at that time as well as nowadays. By using those devices he revived dead body that killed his greatest love – his wife Eve. Frankenstein revived also Eve, but she returned as a killing creature. They hat to dissolve her in stearic acid.
      Frankenstein is desperate, he retires to his abandoned castle in Transylvania, where he dedicates himself to composing activity, science work using prohibited "extraterrestrial" equipment by which he intends to create "holographic" Zombie Eve. At the same time he set up all army of Zombie singers, artists, etc. who have to perform his opera of reprobation and redemption of W.A. Mozart. At this stage two young European scientists studying physical and para-physical phenomena get to castle. One of them fell in love with phantom - Zombie Eve (who is by origin a farmer woman from nearby village).
      There it takes place a grandiose ball, then opera performance. Young man wants to save Eve, but Frankenstein (by using devices) sends for aid and revives a count Vlad Tepes Dracula who kidnaps Eve onto deep underground caves. There he intents to revive by Frankenstein devices gigantic army of underground monsters, who have to establish on all around the world eternal Age of Darkness. Two youngsters as well as awakened Eve persuade Frankenstein that both (together with Vlad Tepes) became only instrument in the hands of falling "angel"- whose initial intention was to establish age of Darkness. Finally together they defeat an evil.
In epilogue in museum appears an old woman, still living "Eve" (by origin a countrywoman) and Frankenstein - both of them prolonged their lives by devices. Frankenstein finally quietly, blissfully dies – he is redeemed.

Ramzes-Pilatus-rebus V.

      Visit of higher entities at two youngsters is this time more frightening: Large group of entities on spiritistic level “broke away” and became a threat to all universe. Under cover of fake religion they want to master everything and everybody who doesn't subordinate to them will be remorselessly exterminated including parts of the Universe.
      Peter and Eve have to come back to thirties twenties and bring from nowadays non-existent covert island apparatus, which higher entities abandoned there ages ago. On the island once upon a time "fell-out" entities have made forbidden experiments with bio-weapons. They created quite a number of dangerous monsters, beside of them also some 7 headed "dragons", giant gorilla, etc.
Peter and Eve have to find a group of film-makers in the vast Mafioso’s  city, which doesn't exist too – it was swept down approximately in the year 33 by gigantic tsunami.
      Peter and Eve return to the city and find the group and from this moment spectators of this opera watch some variant, paraphrase of story of movie Sun city (directed by Robert Rodriquez). They trace further escape of film-makers with angelically beautiful Janet. On the voyage by boat they experience secret love (between one of film-maker and Janet) and live through huge typhoon, ghostly fog, and finally they reach island – which looks conspicuously, as gigantic building created long times ago, currently already covered with sea cobbles, soils, wildwood.
Next story is also paraphrase, variation of the film by P. Jackson until death of King-Kong. Peter and Eve gain apparatus and even watch extinction of the city as well as the island. Janet and her love are rescued by higher entities.

Ramzes-Pilatus-rebus VI.
Gospel of King Arthur

      Beginning is similar to previous instalment of saga. This time it is Merlin who has to help them, by origin a higher entity from other galaxy. In the 1st. act Arthur (he is already an old man) sends his faithful knight Tristan for beautiful Melissa to neighbour nearby kingdom across the sea. But at the same time Karhuvus – initially kind knight presently "obsessed" with bad falling extraterrestrial entity – intends to overthrow king Arthur. He exploits Tristan and Melissa. Symbiota influences them till finally sweet love rises between them as a part of scheming plans of Karhuvus.
      They meet each other at night at the see coast, and early in the morning - when their love rises - intriguer Karhuvus together with Arthur attacks them. Karhuvus demands cruel punishment, failing that he will set against Arthur all fellow citizens. He almost succeeds in doing it, when Merlin intervenes and removes from Karhuvus' body a bad Symbiosis.
      Rescued Symbiosis ("demon") intends to revenge cruelly, sends for monsters from island of previous instalment, then triggers hair-raising plague, that creates killing cannibalic Zombies of citizens.
      Merlin intervenes by using devices, which are obviously only effective, when they are connected with human beings, experiencing mental purification as well as enormous love. At the same time he sends for Atlantis to help him. Atlantis is some cosmic town that reinforces positive energy. Merlin emphasizes all the time that he doesn't make "miracles" he isn’t wizard, everything is only science that people don't understand yet and probably the will not understand some ten thousand years. Unless they quickly mature to higher moral stage, unbound of basic sins, as well as of malignant animal desires.
      Around standing people create a circle. Now, after five centuries, all of them have inside of themselves blood of Jesus Christ – standing in the circle they experience the higher moral state, they are singing, praying and finally evil disappears, or rather comes back to status of “homo spiritus angelus”.
      Returning to presence, Peter and Eve learn that Atlantis is extinct island of previous instalment as well as island, where the stories (known from series Lost) take place. It was former cosmic spherical “town” which was divided onto three parts – where higher entities lived ages ago.
They need to unite them now to stop intergalactic invasion of "fake gods". They succeed in doing it and "fake gods" are scare away back.

Fantastic internet melodramatic opera
Shortened content of libretto:

      Sulla intents to kill young Nero therefore he escapes to Greece. In Greece he gets to Early Christian family on beautiful island, where father is some Early Christian teacher - priest. Little Nero is raised in the spirit of enlightenment, Christianity and democracy.
In Greek family grows also a little girl – around in the same age as little Nero. When they reach an age of 11 years, one day early morning they realize that they fall in clear, children's love and promise each other faithfulness for ever. Unfortunately in the years to come they meet each other only from time to time.
      Later on, when Nero is already young man and lives wanton life, but at the same time he is educated by Seneca – they meet each other again on the island early morning, where their love fulfils.
      Girl reproaches Nero for his life with many slave girls on the imperial court. Nero assures here that it is only momentary sexual “painting the town red”.
Nero plans to establish in all Roman Empire highly democratic-liberal-Christian regime. Seneca warns him that it is impracticable task, because he will meet with enormous resistance and probably he will be murdered.
Nero's enemies - intriguers, make him familiar on purpose with beautiful Poppea. At this time Nero is already in formal matrimony with frigid Octavia. He meets with love of his life just once in a several years.
      Poppea lives in symbiosis ("obsessed") by falling (so called "extraterrestrial") “homo spiritus angelus”, who makes of her unimaginably cruel, inhuman entity. Symbiosis influences also Nero, he becomes cruel man as well, lights Rome, he orders to execute extremely cruelly many Christians, and lives only for momentary revels. Suddenly he meets his sweetheart.
Nero realizes at once to which darkness he slumped and wants to remedy everything. Christian woman gives him some "miraculous" amulet, which either brakes bad influence on Poppea, or even destroys her.
      Nero in the dark snakes in to Poppea's room, and by using amulet destroys "demon", but Poppea disintegrates onto dust.
Unfortunately meanwhile some rebellion against tyranny of Nero rises and Nero is haunted. Although he escapes, but he cannot see way out, therefore he commits suicide.
Suddenly comes running his sweetheart and Nero dies in her arms. Just at that time silhouette of superterrestrial "extraterrestrial" higher entities appear, who are already waiting for him. Nero is redeemed, even-tempered, saved.                                              

Event Horizont II.
Fantastic internet sci-fi opera - melodrama

      Story takes place approximately in 23-st. century A.D. On the Earth there is only one multi-member council that administers worldwide multi-confederative state – of widely women's representation, because they are less aggressive and militant than men.
Everywhere rules high level of human democracy – all world is practically one large family. Currently takes place a massive worldwide scientific conference, where chairwoman or “presidentess” of world council alerts against approaching serious threat.
      She shortly describes story about space ship Event-Horizont – from the end of 21-st. century. This description is basically identical to story that we know from movie Event-Horizont. There is only difference, that scientist and captain of spacecraft constructed his own apparatus enabling controlled deformation and shrinking of space-time - on the basis of description, which he found in old archelogical finds and which abandoned there much more advanced entities (homo moralis et technicus universalis) -"extraterrestrials" ages ago.
      Since then 200 years passed. Presently was found that on the locality where spacecraft has exploded (nearby of Jupiter´s moon IO) toward the end of 21-st. century apparently "EVIL" remained at infinitesimal quantity and gradually it is getting bigger by speeding rate and there is a danger that this "DARNESS" gradually absorbs all solar system as well as the Earth, later on galaxy and all universe.
      In the meantime couple of young people (girl and boy - engaged couple) find out, that according to ancient files, which "extraterrestrials" abandoned on the Earth, there is another universe beside of our one, where totally different rules are valid and where space-time is in abeyance and where falling homo angelus spiritus have took shelter. Our universe doesn´t make possible to other, “dark” universe to penetrate to our world. Because there are not in force causal-space-time regulations, this dark universe is behind of margins of our space, but at the same time it is also “at the same place” – therefore quasi inside of us.
      If somebody penetrates into "dark universe" (as captain and scientist of space ship in first instalment did), so it may come into existence some "bridge", "black hole" between the two worlds, and "dark" universe can penetrate into our universe and swallow him.
It is possible to stop it only by using devices (which are located on remote galaxy) in symbiosis with spiritual-moral power of love of large crowd of people.
      Young couple finds devices among archaeological finds, by using which they are teleported on other planets in remote galaxies. They find there mentioned devices. When they come back (on the Earth many decades elapsed), "Darkness" is nearby of the Earth as a giant black sphere (indescribable and incomparable to anything). At he eleventh hour they activate devices, massive crowd comes together (including all council with "presidentess"). People create giant circle formation and they try to experience feeling of enormous love. Smuttiness disappears and worls and universe is salvaged.

Epilogue: Characteristic of my work

      1) I struggle to occupy myself with everything what happened in music world in last decades, centuries, (millenniums) – as well as this what happens currently (and probably will happen in future). I try to be some bridge between "historical" and "post-historical" eras, to summarize everything from historical era and stretch arms to post-historical era.
      2) As if I am all the time "under the influence of drugs" (although I have never used or tried any drug or alcohol and probably I will never use them), paraphrasing Wagner: "I am that time at myself when I am off myself".
      3) I wittingly present myself to fact that in my work is something naïve (unaffected, natural, elementary) – whether somebody likes it (or it provokes him in wrong meaning of the word) or not. I remained a little bit as a big hyper active child, who has never rose to maturity age.
      4) Unlike professor Kurtag, my former teacher, whom I exceedingly appreciate and from whom I learned (without exaggeration!) 99 percent of everything with regard to understanding of music, according to whose, (based on "Van Gogh´s", "Kafka´s" asceticism) the music is as colourful and beautiful as inevitable. Issuing from my hedonistic nature – although I live on the outside as ascetic hermit in total social isolation in my house – I struggle to be in my music as colourful and beautiful as it is possible.
      Colourful style of Jozef Attila or Robert Musil, Thomas Mann (of all ages) is much more close to me than for example ascetic style of Franc Kafka. But in spite of often ecstatic -light, euphoric-joyful mood, always there is feeling of proximity to death (in many of my compositions I engage myself by questions of the death as well as by reaction to holocaust. By citing Schubert (to whom I would like to approach) "Have you ever heard some cheerful music?"
      5) Characteristics mentioned above to a great extent influence a character of my work, although sometimes I like to " make a journey" to such areas, which are temperamentally faraway from me (for example Strawinskyj - middle period, Semzeő Tibor, etc.). My music often oscillates between exceedingly different dispositions ("angelically clear, celestial, light") until (“deadly gloomy and desolate”). At the same time from this mood issues also my artistic-perceptional orientation (except of music and visual arts, where I appreciate not only each giant, but also unknown authors). In poetry first and foremost is Josef Atilla (with whom I am highly allied, and whose I consider as the greatest poet of all time), then Rimbaud, Hőlderlín, Imre Madach, in prose the first is Robert Musil (character of Ulrich (but also Tőrless) in his famous novel cycle is "my self-portrait "), Thomas Mann. In the film art “total one” is Tim Burton, next David Lynch (with whom I have almost identical date of birth, and I started to compose approximately at the same time – after my thirties, in 1981 – as he did), Kubrik (mostly Schinning), next Jakubisko, Elo Havetta, Bergmann, Tarkowskyj, Fellini, Antonionni, etc.
      Moreover I am close to recently beginning strong author personalities – authors of the film – with new highly expressive charge as for example Xavier Genc ("Frontiers”), Antonio Negres, types of movies as Saw, Antal Nimród, etc. 
      Very close to me are also films with a strong expressive –mystical (paranormal) topic (familiarly incorrectly named as horror films), also Konstantine is slightly my self-portrait as well as types of films as "teenager horror". Further there are novels as Black Lagoon Dormitory, Lost... On the contrary, there are far away from me sweet, unmeaning films as Pretty Women, Mona Lisa Smile, Bride on The Run, Sleepless in Seattle.
      Over the last period I am often influenced by works of Danny Elfman (but also John Williams - I.T. and Home Alone 2.), Marc Snow (Smallwille) as well as work of young authors of film music. Sometimes I tell to myself, that my music is so-called avant-garde music (Schönber, Berg, Stockhausen, Boulez) gravied with "Hollywood´s" sauce of current film music. I knowingly present myself to this kind of controversies.
      6) And something more: Almost everywhere smells a presence of the see, ocean – as well as proximity of high mountains.
      7) If I want to name some basics of inspiration for my works, resulting from deep early childhood, I would probably mention three sources as fallows:
      a) Very strong religious influence – mainly from side of my mother Granny – almost tangibly, with fairy tale light, idyllic, heavenly character (as a little boy I used to say that holly Teresa will be my wife). This grandmother had something coloured-light idyllic inside, as Jennifer Hill did in film of Tim Burton "The Big Fish".
      b) Because father was avowed communist (before he wanted to be a catholic priest), but very shortly he was deeply disappointed, in the years 1949-50, when in 1948 – still many people believed in possibility of establishment of better society, bur this period didn´t remain without response in two and half years old little boy. Because great-grand ancestors of my grandfather were Calvinist ministers, he talked me much about Moses, as he opened the see and folks forwarded to country of liberty. Consequently, when I saw May Day procession in the year 1948 from above of house tower, how they forwards towards the west in later morning marvelous sky-blue lighting, I had feeling that they forward to better world over Red See. Much later I recalled this apocalyptic vision (around 1977), when I was listening ecstatic marches from 1-st act of opera Moses and Aaron (Schőnberg).
      c) Toward the west of Rimavska Sobota there had been a swimming pool – and because at that time my father (or my grandfather?) has talked me about tropical cyclones, tsunami, etc.- I has imagined, during stiffing summer nights, that there is a ocean and enormous thunderstorm with tsunami, which approaches. 

Conclusion: I didn´t mention of structure, form properties of my music, because I would have to write whole sections. I yield it to others. If somebody even me would like to class my music into some category, trend, drawer – only what is possible to say is that my work is not possible to classify to any of trends, category, and drawer. It is apparent in so-called POP music, where I probably quite differ from well known POP music.